Becky Field, Photographer

Introduction: Gary Samson, Professor Emeritus of Photography, Artist Laureate of New Hampshire, 2017–2020

Foreword: George Bruno, Esq. US Ambassador (Ret.)

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FINDING HOME is a celebration of people from other countries who have resettled in New Hampshire.

Since 2012, photographer Becky Field has documented the lives of immigrants and refugees. In addition to her portraits, she has transcribed their memories of life in the home country and the journey to find a new home. The forty interviews represent a mix of age, gender, New Hampshire communities, and countries of origin. Some came to escape violence; some came for love; some came for education. Some are teenagers with a lot of life ahead of them; some are elders with long memories.

Each story tells of a unique journey to find a new and safe home. Taken together, the memories present a broad view of migration with both diverse details and common themes. The immigrants’ stories document the resilience and determination of people to find safety, education, work, and freedom. Becky’s photographs show the beauty and vitality of cultural diversity that contributes to all our communities.

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Peter E. Randall Publisher, Portsmouth, NH

96 pages, 11″x10″, hardcover, 45+ full-color images, 40 essays by immigrants  ISBN  978-1-942155-34-8