B_FieldI am gazing on the “most perfect Christmas tree ever,” created with the help of two young friends whose family came to New Hampshire originally from Iraq. They share their Muslim faith traditions with me and visa versa, an exchange that has enriched us all!

There was an opinion article by Elizabeth Stevens of Walpole in the Concord Monitor on this Christmas Eve day. I have linked it below. These important words parallel my own feelings as we start 2016.

In this new year, it will be more important than ever to say an emphatic “no” to the hateful, violence-mongering and mis-informed words of those out there who want to close our borders and communities to families fleeing for their lives. Have we forgotten that Joseph and Mary were refugees also fleeing persecution? Would we have said “no” to them?

Refugee Rally 120515-3224-2

Wishing you and yours abundant peace and goodwill in the New Year.

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