Finding Home

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FINDING HOME celebrates people from other countries who resettled in New Hampshire. Since 2012, photographer Becky Field has documented the lives of immigrants. Now, in addition to their portraits, she transcribed the memories of 40 immigrants about life in their home country and the journey to find a new home. The stories show the determination of people to find safety, education, work, and freedom. The photographs show the vitality of cultural diversity that contributes to all our communities.

Book Contents

Introduction: Gary Samson, Professor Emeritus of Photography, Artist Laureate of New Hampshire, 2017–2020

Foreword: George Bruno, Esq. US Ambassador (Ret.)

Poem: Yvette Kagirimpundu

40 Stories: Immigrants

Preface and Photographs by Becky Field


Book Specifications

96 pages, 11″x10,” Hardcover, 49 full-color images

ISBN  978-1-942155-34-8

Published by Peter E. Randall Publisher, Portsmouth, NH

Distributed by Pathway Book Service,, Keene, NH